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Mission Impossible!

by John Goolevitch

June 29th, 2003. Your mission Jim, should you choose to accept it, is to find the most fun route to Craig's Automotive and beyond for the day.

The Mission started at the Colossus Theatre in Langley. While waiting for all those who wish to be involved to show up, we had breakfast at the White Spot Restaurant just north of the Theatre. We were 30 strong this year with 25 classic Minis and 5 new MINIs.

Now we have acquired an adequate number of Mini enthusiasts to continue the Mission. Including some from Victoria, the Interior and Washington State. After breakfast, we re-aligned our Mission start to the vacant parking lot across the street. Since Kim did such a brilliant job last year organizing our Minis in a Rainbow fashion, we asked her to help us again. Many people admired the outcome of Kim's endeavours.

After explicit instructions, Leg 1 map was handed out with detailed information to get to the next stage, we then  proceeded to the Albion ferry.

We were in for a big surprise at the Albion Ferry, we discovered a very long line up. Then we found out that the ferry ramp was broken. No sailing for our Mission! Oh No! So much for the planning. After some discussion and organizing, Craig headed the Mission to Mission via Matsqui, we were unable to take over the ferry this year. We had to stop for some fuel due to poor planning by some people. Not a problem. We arrived at Craig's Automotive just about on time. Not bad considering the total change of plans. Arriving at our destination, we managed to complete this leg of our Mission.

Ontop of a rickety ladder, we managed some photos as promised. A real treat to see this many Minis. There was a recently finished 1972 Mini with a 1293 tricked out engine including Nitros! Mike Smith did a maiden voyage with his new restoration/conversion with a Honda Vtec engine that actually fits with very no body alterations.

There was lots to see, Craig brought out some of his current projects, while offering a 25% discount on his entire stock (sale items exempt).

We left Craig's promptly at 2:30pm for Mission Springs Brewery, the long way, around Hatzic lake.

Mission accomplished, your computer will now self destruct in...5...4...3....2....1....

Mission Complete!